Two Additional CWD Positive Results Connected to Medina County Facility

Members of the Texas Deer Association has once again demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to promoting the health and welfare of Texas herds... both wild and captive. Recently, members of the TDA funded and carried out an unprecedented series of live animal CWD tests on a high risk herd in Lavaca County. These true industry stakeholders worked closely with scientists, veterinarians, biologists, and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine to develop new working protocols for live animal CWD testing moving forward.

The results of the live animal CWD tests in the Lavaca County herd indicated two more positive test results. These positive samples were not unexpected. Both trace back to the same pen and cohort of bucks where the only positive samples were indicated in the Medina County index herd. To date, all positive CWD results have originated from this singular cohort in Medina County, which at one time were all held in a pen together.

This sampling of live-animal rectal, tonsil, and retropharyngeal lymph node biopsy testing provides confidence that similar procedures can be utilized in potential future testing. This effort, developed and funded by industry, provides additional evidence that live animal testing for CWD is an effective alternative to the current methods mandated by state officials.

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